Biomimicry & Style: Brazilian Structures Inspired simply by Rainforest

The word “biomimicry” is derived from 2 Greek conditions: “bios” – life plus “mimesis” — mimicry. This is the world of style, which indicates the use of organic mechanisms for producing innovative methods in individual life spheres, such as transportation, city facilities and structures. This post is definitely dedicated to an idea store “Firma Casa” situated in the B razil city of Sao Paolo. This particular shop is among the best types of biomimicry because it’s arranged on the concept of a exotic forest.


Firma Casa illustrates the top development of top to bottom gardening, which could really replace the situation along with Brazilian favelas. Mosaic, willing and unclean buildings could be covered along with undemanding plantings that do not really require any kind of special treatment. Wrapping throughout the walls plus becoming residing jungles, they are going to disguise the indegent buildings plus protect their particular inhabitants through direct sunlight.

1-1-biomimicry-architecture-Brazil-Sao-Paolo-concept-store-Firma-Casa-vertical-garden-green-eco-building-mother-in-laws-tongue-succulents-plants 1-2-biomimicry-architecture-Brazil-Sao-Paolo-concept-store-Firma-Casa-vertical-garden-green-eco-building-mother-in-laws-tongue-succulents-plants

The particular bad areas of big towns are an perfect platform designed for 3D facilities. Genuine character doesn’t cope with mass creation and does not deliver any kind of materials: all of the necessary matters are “manufactured” locally. Rainforests are a traditional example of this tactic: plants, along with animals co-exist within a one photosynthetic region. Vertical expanding of companies their nearby processing on-site is a advanced and affordable solution associated with such troubles as overpopulation and joblessness in bad living sectors.


In the mean time, coming nearer to favelas, B razil architects plus landscape creative designers are testing on the wall space of “successful” neighborhoods. For example, on this developing over 9, 000 seed products of Africa origin had been planted within 3, 5 hundred conical floral vases.


Near the building all of us see an additional rainforest-inspired technologies: the backyard of the store is covered with Elastopave covering. This absorbs rainfall water, gently protects the particular roots associated with trees plus plants through mechanical impacts and makes a favorable atmosphere for their development – the same as genuine moss, fallen simply leaves and damaged tree divisions do in a true forest. Plus it goes without having saying that Elastopave is warmed far less compared to asphalt, which usually promises this a great upcoming in the most popular megalopolis from the world.


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