Best Trend 2017: Flame Colour

We are pleased to continue the review of Top 10 Colors for that Year 2017 announced simply by Pantone Business, a global specialist on colours. And today the attention is definitely drawn to the particular warmest color from this listing – Flame….


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Fire is a over loaded red color depending on a complicated shade associated with orange. This particular splendid theatrical color could be characterized because juicy, vivid, emotional plus lively. Yet how need to it be taken in home design? In what information and areas of our houses would it become most delightful? Let’s discover this away together!

Let us begin in the physiological factor. It goes without saying that will such a vivid hue provides an adrenaline hurry , which causes hyper-alertness. Hence, Fire should be utilized very carefully. This particular shade associated with red is a best choice pertaining to public areas: bars, dining places and coffee shops, bookstores. Flame preferably blends using deep plus saturated colors of indigo, emerald green green plus asphalt grey .

1-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-living-room-dark-gray-walls-arm-chairs-sofa-whie-floor-fireplace 2-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-dark-blue-indigo-walls-furniture-ottoman-arm-chair-dressing-table-living-room

In kitchen decorations Fire can be securely used being an accent. For example, it would be a pleasant idea to emphasise the eating zone having a group of Fire lamps, a few reddish colored chairs or a retro-style refrigerator. Somebody that too a lot of red highlights will overburden the interior aesthetically. And of course, needless to say that the common background pertaining to Flame highlights must be because neutral plus natural as is possible.


When it comes to living spaces , here Fire color can be utilized in furnishings upholstery – sofas, arm-chairs, ottomans – or items of décor. Expert interior developers wouldn’t color big areas of the wall space this colour – this can undoubtedly result in fast psychological and mental exhaustion.

4-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-living-room-furniture-arm-chair-ottoman-sofa-gray-walls 5-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-furniture-arm-chairs-living-room-white-walls

Nevertheless it comes to non-residential rooms – corridors, bathrooms plus hallways – right here you will not be incorrect to use Fire in large volumes. You might paint the particular wall break, the interior of the closet or even your kitchen walls this particular color, which will look vivid and fascinating. A win win choice is to mix this color with different dark wooden or organic stone surface finishes.

6-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-corridor-hallway-doorway-door 7-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-bathroom-corridor-accents-wash-basin-cabinet-wall-decor-flowers 8-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-padded-stools-white-walls-corridor-accents-wall-bathroom

And rooms Fire should be used locally, within small components of décor or even home fabric ornaments: for instance , in toss pillows, the blanket or even headboard furniture. Also this particular hue could be picked designed for upholstering little pieces of furniture, like a padded feces or a good ottoman.

9-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-bedroom-headboard-bedspread-bed-cover 10-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-bedroom-bed-cover-bedspread-blanket-bedside-almps-throw-pillow

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