Beautiful Contemporary Property in Montenegro (Part 2)

In the previous posting we began our digital tour in regards to beautiful house designed within contemporary design on the seaside of Montenegro. Now we are moving upper level to have a take a look at beautiful styles of 3 bedrooms plus 2 bath rooms located right here.


So , the 2nd floor begins from a photo gallery, which is a common rest area for that inhabitants associated with 3 rooms located upper level. It’s fitted with a couple of cozy arm-chairs along with thin steel framework simply by Dublin, the dark old-chest-shaped chest of drawers within ethnic design from Oxford Student Lengthy Trunk series plus round farmhouse tables with covers in light wooden and darkish and lighting frameworks simply by My House.


Immediately in the gallery 1 gets to the greatest master bedroom in the home. Its wall space are completed with unique light wooden panels along with built-in DIRECTED lamps. These people create a good background for the pale grey Marko Kraus bed with a high headboard plus suspended listing bedside furniture.

2-neutral-beige-and-gray-colors-bedroom-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-light-wood-panels-planks-wall-decor-suspended-bedside-tables-nightstands-built-in-LED-lamps-book-shelves 3-neutral-beige-and-gray-colors-bedroom-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-light-wood-panels-planks-wall-decor-built-in-LED-lamps-book-shelves-round-pendant-lamps-rope-mirror

The bedroom functions 2 leaves: one results in the walk-in closet as well as the other requires us towards the bathroom. Right here the counter top is made from white-colored quartz simply by Laufen and also a wall-mounted clean basin mixing machine is made simply by Hansgrohe Puravida. Besides the glass bath cabin, there exists a classical oblong bathtub by Villeroy & Boch.

4-neutral-beige-and-gray-colors-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-walk-in-closet-bedroom-glass-doors-LED-lamps 5-white-quartz-countertop-and-gray-marble-bathroom-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-round-mirrors-mirrored-wall-panel-oval-bathtub-shower-cabin-suspended-toilet-bidet

The other side of the 2nd floor will be occupied simply by 2 rooms united with a common hall and a restroom.

In the 1st bedroom the grayish beige bespoke upholstered bed is definitely accompanied by a gentle gray ottoman by Curations. The particular headboard walls is embellished with listing dark wood panels, that are matched from the same-style favorite of pre-installed closet doorways.

6-neutral-brown-and-gray-colors-bedroom-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-bed-bedspread-built-in-closet-wooden-planks-panels-wall-decor-bedside-lamps-LED-lights-ottoman 7-neutral-brown-and-gray-colors-bedroom-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-bed-bedspread-built-in-closet-wooden-planks-panels-wall-decor-bedside-lamps-LED-lights-ottoman-panoramic-windows

The second bed room is designed within quite a comparable way: the gray mattress designed by a good Italian Poliform, decorative wood panels plus a built-in wardrobe bring the 2 rooms collectively in terms of design concept. Yet there is a distinction still: within the first bed room bedside dining tables are designed very classically, whilst here the particular metal trimmings of nightstands by Recovery Hardware add some loft appearances to the picture of the room.

8-neutral-beige-and-gray-colors-bedroom-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-round-metal-pendant-lamps-loft-nightstands-bedside-tables-wooden-wall-decor-built-in-closet-bedspread-crown-moldings 9-neutral-beige-and-gray-colors-bedroom-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-round-metal-pendant-lamps-loft-nightstands-bedside-tables-bedspread-crown-moldings-curtains-TV

When it comes to bathroom, a conventional bathtub had been sacrificed for any spacious bath cabin completed with 2 dark organic marble slabs by Antic Wood. And also a finishing contact is through a unique white marbled countertop plus a wooden clean basin cupboard.


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