After and before – The particular Renovation Plus Extension Of the Flemish Property

BEFORE and AFTER : The Remodelling And Expansion Of A Flemish Villa | CONTEMPORIST

BEFORE & AFTER - This family home renovation transformed an old, dated and closed-in home into a bright, open and modern home that takes advantage of the backyard views.
After digital photography by Recording studio Dennis Sobre Smet

This particular Flemish property was bought by a loved ones in Belgium for its perfect location as well as the large backyard. The only issue was that the house was aged and out dated.

The family worked well together with Edouard Brunet plus François Martens to create a vivid and open up home that could still maintain the original soul of the home.

Here is a look at front side of the home and it is old structures. The original synthetic black record roof ceramic tiles had passed and were updated to match the particular brick design on the remaining house.

BEFORE & AFTER - This home renovation transformed an old and dated into a bright, open and modern home.
After digital photography by Facilities Dennis Sobre Smet

The entire indoor of the home had been renovated, and inside the doorway, a skylight is now show light up the particular entry of the house.

Just inside the front door of this renovated home, a skylight is now present to light up the entry of the home.
Photography simply by Studio Dennis De Smet

Just before, the living locations were divided and did not take advantage of gorgeous backyard sights, now the particular interiors are actually opened up and so are bright white, producing the space really feel modern plus allowing you to concentrate on the vegetation outside.

Before & After - The living areas were separated and didn't take advantage of beautiful backyard views, now the interiors have been opened up and are bright white, making the space feel modern and allowing you to focus on the plants outside.
Right after photography simply by Studio Dennis De Smet

Dark framed home windows and lighting wood flooring have been within the updated type of the home.

Black framed windows and light wood floors have been included in the updated design of this home.
Picture taking by Studio room Dennis Sobre Smet

The kitchen obtained a spectacular makeover, using the old went out with cabinets and darkish floors changed with white cabinets and also a light ground. The home windows were changed and the kitchen area now appears out on to the back garden through floor-to-ceiling windows.

This kitchen received a dramatic makeover, with the old dated cabinets and dark floors replaced with bright white cabinets and a light floor. The windows were replaced and the kitchen now looks out onto the backyard through floor-to-ceiling windows.
Right after photography simply by Studio Dennis De Smet

Simply off the cooking area is a little space meant for dining, whilst just around the corner, there are a larger dining room table. The interior residing area furthermore opens up towards the backyard exactly where there’s an outdoor with extra seating.

Just off the kitchen there's a small space for quick meals, while just around the corner, there's a larger dining table.
Picture taking by Recording studio Dennis Sobre Smet

At the rear of the house, you can see that this designers prolonged the home out there into the back garden slightly, plus small home windows were change with bigger ones, permitting more sun light to fill up the interior of the house.

At the rear of this home, you can see that the designer's extended the home out into the backyard slightly, and small windows were replace with larger ones, allowing more natural light to fill the interior of the home.
After digital photography by Facility Dennis Sobre Smet

Here’s the closer take a look at some of the brand new windows within the updated house.

Black framed windows were included in the renovation of this brick home.
Photography simply by Studio Dennis De Smet

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