Absolutely no Gravity Impact at Home: Revolutionary “Dry” Health and fitness Bathtub


Most of us have lengthy and exhausting days every once in awhile (or actually regularly). Therefore often drinking water procedures would be the only matter that can help all of us relax and minimize the gathered tension. Yet what if we all even absence powers to the bathroom plus take a bath? New health and fitness technologies are actually on the way – expensive, yet very comforting. Starpool is a good Italian firm specializing upon manufacturing bath tubs and HOT TUB equipment. Plus Neocogita is really a research-and-development middle that performs thorough research in the world of mind functioning. Neocogita’s theoretical understanding of neurology along with practical health experience of Starpool has lead into a brand new wellness technologies, which assists body and mind rest and relax and maintain a healthy body and wellbeing.


Zerobody is a warmed “dry” bathtub-bed that enables the user in order to feel lightness in the entire body, even the feeling of suspended – as the body relaxes and unwinds, the mind encounters the feeling associated with euphoria. The sensation of the insufficient body weight is definitely gained with the effect of alleged zero the law of gravity that has improved meditative impact as compared to additional wellness systems.



Comprehensive relaxation is certainly accompanied by specifically recorded mediation music simply by Nu Rest Company. And also to make the procedure more individualized, the author provides foreseen an extra chromotherapy perform so that customers could select the comfy colour depending on their own mood.


By the way, the region of Zerobody application will go far over and above SPA plus wellness facilities. For instance, it could be installed within lounge plus VIP specific zones of international airports, offices, personal apartments plus houses, and any other locations where fast and comprehensive relaxation is needed.


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