A contemporary Barn Influenced House Within Amsterdam Simply by Hoyt Architecten

A Modern Barn Inspired Home In Amsterdam By Hoyt Architecten | CONTEMPORIST

Dutch firm HOYT Architecten have designed a contemporary house in Amsterdam, that's reminiscent of a converted barn or industrial building. Sturdy and strong, this home met the client's expectations of having a house where their kids could walk in with muddy feet.
Photography simply by Luuk Kramer

Dutch firm HOYT Architecten possess designed the contemporary home in Amsterdam, that’s similar to a transformed barn or even industrial constructing. Sturdy plus strong, this particular home fulfilled the client’s expectations of getting a house exactly where their kids can walk along with muddy foot.

An outdoor of whitened brick plus dark wooden make this house stand out in the street. The dark door, plus black window match the top top patio railing.

An exterior of white brick and dark wood make this modern home stand out on the street. The black door, and black window frames match the roof top terrace railing.
Photography simply by Luuk Kramer

Cut-up firewood is certainly cleverly kept along the remaining side of the house. White packet is used once again, making the particular chimney be noticeable against the wooden siding.

Cut-up firewood is cleverly stored along the left side of this modern home. White brick is used to make the chimney stand out against the wood siding.
Pictures by Luuk Kramer

Heading within, the dining area and family room have an open up floor program, with the eating area described by the dual height roof that procedures in on 20ft (6m) tall.

Inside this modern house, the dining room and living room have an open floor plan, with the dining area defined by the double height ceiling that measures in at 20ft (6m) tall.
Picture taking by Luuk Kramer

Beside the eating area, will be the kitchen. A mild wood tropical isle with a built/in stove plus space regarding seating could be the focal point on this room. Uncovered wood shelves on the walls makes housewares easy to achieve.

This modern kitchen has light wood island with a built-in stove and space for seating is the focal point in this room. Exposed wood shelving on the wall makes housewares easy to reach.
Photography simply by Luuk Kramer

Nearby from the cooking area are the stairways that result in the upper ground of the home. Lighting wood floors laid within a herringbone design is used in order to contrast the particular black railing on the porch, which fits the dark frame function found through the entire home.

Located of the living room in this modern home are stairs that lead to the upper floor of the home. Light wood flooring laid in a herringbone pattern is used to contrast the black railing on the balcony, which matches the black frame work found throughout the home.
Picture taking by Luuk Kramer

The home workplace can be inserted through a group of glass dual doors, which usually allow for just as much light in order to enter the area as possible. White-colored built-in bookshelves and storage space keep the space organized.

This modern house has a home office that can be entered through a set of glass double doors, which allow for as much light to enter the room as possible. White built-in bookshelves and storage keep the room organized.
Picture taking by Luuk Kramer

A final airline flight of wooden and dark steel stairways lead to the top ground of the home.

Wood and black steel stairs lead up to the top floor of this modern home.
Digital photography by Luuk Kramer

The master suite and in room washroom are usually uniquely designed by the roofing line of the home. Minimally embellished with whitened walls plus wood supports, these areas have a modern farmhouse really feel.

This contemporary master bedroom and ensuite washroom are uniquely shaped by the roof line of the house. Minimally decorated white walls and wood beams, these rooms have a contemporary farmhouse feel.
Photography simply by Luuk Kramer

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