A brand new Family Home Within Massachusetts Encircled By A Blueberry Farm

A New Family house In Ma Surrounded With a Blueberry Plantation | CONTEMPORIST

This modern house is on a blueberry farm and features wood accents, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a bright and airy interior.
Digital photography by Nat Rea Picture taking

Colin Flavin of Flavin Architects and Ben Wooden of Facility Shanghai, by using interior design firm Atsu Gunther Prepare, have worked together to design this excellent modern bungalow on the very last remaining blueberry farm in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Showing up to the front side of the house, hacia pathway by cement pavers lead to a very custom teak wood gate, brought in from China, and this also guides shop for the front access of the home.

Arriving to the front of this modern house, a pathway with cement pavers lead to a custom teak gate imported from China which guides you to the front entrance of the home.
Photography caused by Nat Rea Photography

Inside the house, a couple wood benches are placed the attention of large glass windows that cover a long light blue hallway in dark woods flooring.

Going inside this modern house, 2 wood benches are placed in front of large windows that line a long white hallway with dark wood flooring.
Camera by Nat Rea Images

Getting into the kitchen area, plenty of large colorationed pendant table lamps hang originating from a double position ceiling working at floor-to-ceiling operating system. A light orange tiled open fireplace behind the exact white table, separates this unique space within living room.

In this modern dining area, 3 large white pendant lights hang from the double height ceiling in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. A light grey tiled fireplace behind the white dining table separate this space from the living room.
Photos by Nat Rea Usually

For the living room, stats of the blueberry farm is without question enjoyed by means of L-shaped padded sofa and gray leather ubemidlet chairs. A major graphic constructed art put compliments an tones but also hues utilized with the room.

In this modern living room, views of outside can be enjoyed on the L-shaped upholstered sofa and grey leather arm chairs. A large graphic mounted art piece compliments the tones and hues use in the room.
Usually by Nat Rea The photographic industry

Aside of the living room area, a goblet door potential buyers outside. Through your yard its easy to see the inner through floor-to-ceiling windows.

From the yard it's easy to see the modern interior of this house through floor-to-ceiling windows.
Picture-taking by Nat Rea Wedding ceremony

The actual pass-through screen provides feedback from the dining-room into the all-white kitchen that includes a large part above the style of sink, a central home island as well breakfast space with a integral corner common.

A pass-through window provides views from the dining room into this modern all-white kitchen that features a large window above the sink, a central island and a breakfast nook with a built-in corner bench.
Photography by way of Nat Rea Photography

Upstairs and outside through cup sliding of doors, there’s one specific wrap-around reed balcony, an ideal place to see the blueberry livestock.

This modern wrap around wood balcony is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and the view.
Photography while Nat Rea Photography

In the main control bathroom, an enormous rectangular kinds of mirror above the clea vanity offers long funeste lights attached with either part. The a glass surround shower party is placed next to the toilet which is surrounded by cyrstal glass.

In this modern master bathroom, a large rectangular mirror above the white counter has long opaque lights attached to either side. The glass surround shower is placed beside the toilet which is also surrounded by glass.
Photography basically Nat Rea Photography

Light scarlet rectangular glass tiles cover them in this washroom that offers light material flooring, as soon as a purling flowing white vainness sits what follows a large reflect.

Light pink rectangular tiles cover the walls in this modern bathroom that also has light wood flooring, while a floating white vanity sits below a large mirror.
Photography and also Nat Rea Photography | General designer and installer – Brookes + Mountain Custom Constructors, Inc.

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This modern house is on a blueberry farm and features wood accents, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a bright and airy interior.

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