3 Contemporary Structures Projects: Denmark, England, Italy

Can the museum resemble a building in the future? May chimneys of the power place be stylish and ornamental? Why might a community library become X-shaped? Discover the answers to questions within our today’s publish about contemporary architecture!


Experimentarium, Copenhagen

One of the most went to attractions associated with Copenhagen is definitely an interactive art gallery dubbed “Experimentarium”. In fact , it is even difficult to call it the museum, because hundreds of displays on display are simply a small component of its actions. The most amazing concerning this place is certainly its useful part: medical experiments, thematic exhibitions plus special applications aimed at the training of youngsters. The building casing such an fascinating exposition ought to surely be good spirit from the age. This year an builder bureau CEBRA was trusted with the renovation of the Experimentarium. Its brand new image needed to be eye-catchy, create curiosity plus inspire site visitors for fresh new ideas. And it also seems like revolutionary materials utilized in this task met many of these challenges. Apart from, the total part of the renovated art gallery was bending, and the roofing was designed being an open patio where several interesting meetings and training courses are kept.

1-1-Experimentarium-science-museum-Copenhagen-Denmark-exterior-design 1-2-Experimentarium-science-museum-Copenhagen-Denmark-winding-metal-staircase-mirrorred-guardrails-interior-design-futuristic

Low-Carbon Power Centre, Greater london

The building from the Low-Carbon Power Centre working in london is located therefore conveniently that will it’s noticeable from nearly every point of view within the Greenwich region. Amazingly, this particular power seed not just creates energy for the whole district, yet can also include having definitely non-standard type of the chimneys. The Uk artist Conrad Shawcross do a great work to turn fault urban structures that usually ruins the whole picture into a ar2rk and favorite. Hundreds of triangular perforated sections compose complicated geometrical designs and type a sculptural 50-meter-high tower system. And when the night time comes, the particular view gets to be even more amazing.

2-1-Low-Carbon-power-energy-centre-London-Greenwich-tower-modern-architecture 2-2-Low-Carbon-power-energy-centre-London-Greenwich-evening-night-lights-illumination-modern-architecture

Alexis sobre Tocqueville Community Library, Italy

The building associated with Alexis sobre Tocqueville General public Library within the city of Caen in the People from france Normandy includes a non-standard mix shape, which undoubtedly indicates something. Every single wing from the library factors in the direction of a few symbolic portion of the city: historic areas of Abbaye-aux-Dames in the northern and Abbaye-aux-Hommes in the west, the particular central train station within the south, and also to the newly-built neighborhoods within the east. Apart from, the By shape of house made the inside plan from the library a lot more logical. Every wing manages a definite world of passions of the visitors: liberal artistry, technical topics, literature plus arts. And when you instantly feel the immediate need for motivation, huge ceiling-to-floor windows will provide you with a splendid 360 degrees viewpoint.

3-0-Alexis-de-Tocqueville-Public-Library-Caen-France-cross-X-shaped-building 3-1-Alexis-de-Tocqueville-Public-Library-Caen-France-exterior-design-panoramic-windows-river-view 3-3-Alexis-de-Tocqueville-Public-Library-Caen-France-interior-design-wooden-stairs-seats-books-bookshelves-panoramic-windows-high-ceiling 3-4-Alexis-de-Tocqueville-Public-Library-Caen-France-exterior-design-view-panoramic-windows 3-5-Alexis-de-Tocqueville-Public-Library-Caen-France-interior-design-ceiling-to-floor-panoramic-windows-desks-bookshleves-seats-pillows

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