Adapted to the Modern Worker On-the-Go: Creative Shortcut Stool and Chair

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With the modern worker is on-the-go, moving from meeting to meeting and from quiet to collaborative environments, Steelcase brand turnstone created the Shortcut stool and chair for short-term sits that keep pace in today’s office. Shortcut is ideal for conference room meetings or impromptu brainstorms around the kitchen. According to the project developers, the fully customizable project is ergonomically designed to support the modern worker. The chair features a pneumatic handle on the left side, allowing multiple uses and height adjustments.
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Other features of the design include a special cut-out imagined to allow for seat flexibility and support, elbow rests that stay out of the way to easily scoot up to a desk or tabletop when needed. The product is available in two heights – standard and high stool. With seven color choices ranging from bright reds and blues to traditional grays and blacks, there’s no question of its versatility. The user can opt for an additional splash of color with various cushion options that add comfort and enhance design. The chair back cut-out allows for both colors to be seen at once, adding a fun design element to any room. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by turnstone]
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W Retreat and Spa, Maldives

Revel in luxury at the newly restyled W Retreat and Spa – Maldives. Inspired by the radiance of its sparkling natural and entirely private surroundings, the new look of the retreat evokes the colorful marine life, twinkling stars and glowing plankton of the Indian Ocean. It conveys the personality of the resort through colors and glowing elements which have been woven seamlessly into every detail of the resort.Pamper yourself with lavish Maldivian living. Unwind at the innovative AWAY Spa. Step to DOWN UNDER & WAVE the ultimate water sports facility fully equipped with latest state-of-the-art equipment. For all the adventurous, dive deep into the crystal blue ocean or explore the private house reef, one of the best in the Maldives. Cast away in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, W Retreat & Spa – Maldives lies delicately in the pristine beauty of Fesdu Island. With perfect weather and endless sunshine, W Maldives is an idyllic retreat and water sports playground. Beneath the surface manta rays mingle with sea turtles and starfish pose for pictures. Experience one of the 78 Retreats, either on the beachside or overwater which gives you access to endless Indian Ocean views. Read More

Fourwinds Pavilion by Byrne Architects

Designed by Byrne Architects, the Pavilion sits on the crest of the sites natural amphitheater, a generous glass wall providing spectacular views across the bush to the east. Outwardly the building blends in to the surrounding environment. Within, the performance hall is a finely tuned acoustic environment, integrating cutting edge AV technology. Sensitivity to the beauty and unique qualities of the site was essential to our design process. The buildings scale, locality, and sculpting of the earth around the building were carefully considered to create a sense of blending. The Pavilion nestles in to the landscape, its roofline matching the ridge of a berm that sweeps around the service road to the west. Read More

Curva House by LSA Architects & Interior Design

Located in Australia, Curva House is a private residence designed by LSA Architects & Interior Design. Mindful of the heritage context, one of the underlying principles of the project was to slowly reveal the contemporary additions to the home. The architects wanted a strong cohesion throughout, with spaces and features that communicate with ease and with a strong indoor-outdoor connection. This house is unlike its neighbors, featuring a bold, contemporary extension at the back.  The formal gardens, heritage façade and bedroom zones of the stately Federation design welcome you and then the home opens up to reveal a thoroughly modern and playful rear family area. Read More

16 Stunning Inspirations That Bring Home Mesmerizing Malachite!

Remember the time when Emerald was dubbed the hottest hue around and almost everyone you knew and their friends were desperate to find decor in this brilliant shade of green? Well, the emerald craze might have tapered off a bit in the last few seasons, but there’s been a revival of a mineral that was left behind by the 90s and its beige. Malachite is a mineral that combines dazzling color with amazing pattern to create show-stopping focal points in any room it adorns. And whether it is the real deal or a clever imitation, malachite manages to steal the show every single time! Read More