15 Elegant Ways to Decorate with Lace

When you think of lace, you might also think of wedding dresses, sheer window treatments, or your grandmother’s doilies. I know I do. But I never could have imagined how versatile lace really can be if you just use a little imagination. For a truly elegant decorative look that’s not overly feminine or frilly, check out some of these incredibly creative ideas for using lace all around your home. Read More

Hot Trend: 20 Tasteful Ways to Add Stripes to Your Kitchen

Stripes – they are not as simple and straightforward as they seem and surely bring a whole lot of excitement to any room they adorn. Whether you love those thick horizontal stripes that almost seem like creative artwork or the classic vertical stripes that bring a sense of drama and luxury when used right, there is no doubt that stripes are once again back in fashion. This is especially true in contemporary homes where neutral backdrops and unassuming decor often hold sway. Colorful stripes bring excitement laced with sophistication and an air of exclusivity. Read More

Perfectly Planned One-Room Apartment Boasting Inspiring Details

architecture scandinavian home
Located on the third floor of a beautiful central building in Gothenburg, this delightful one room apartment was carefully planned for a maximized living experience. As we were looking through the listings on Alvhem, our attention was captivated by the bright color scheme and open plan of this extremely functional small home. White oiled oak parquet flooring, mirror doors, stylish stucco, cast iron elements and ledges of rock- all contribute to a diverse and captivating design scheme.
scandinavian home (1)This apartment may officially have only one room, but the bedroom alcove with spotlights and space for a larger bed offers plenty of privacy. The crib underwent a total renovation in 2008, when both the kitchen and bathroom were replaced. Walls were removed to create a better impression of space and a lovely brick kitchen island was built, adding warmth and coziness. The living room comes with large windows and views of the quiet Alvhem street and a glimpse of Rose Street. The walls are painted in a gray-white shade that provides a neutral base for further decoration. In one corner, behind a beautiful profiled door, there is a dressing room with ample storage space. Read More

Scorpios: Greek Paradise Reveals a Cycladic-Infused Gateway to the Aegean Sea

There are stunning resorts and idyllic escapes across the planet that promise a holiday of a lifetime. And then there are those that take the experience to an entirely new level by combing soothing relaxation with a hip nightlife and bringing together the very best of both worlds. Located on the glamorous Greek island of Mykonos, Scorpios is one such magical retreat that transports you into a carefully constructed world of rustic chic beauty and Cycladic design which transcends eras. Designed by Lambs&Lions, this unique entirely hangout is different from anything else that Greece has to offer – undoubtedly an achievement in itself! Read More


The interiors of Gloria Cortina

The interiors of Gloria Cortina are layered with texture and mazing materials. It was a pleasure looking through Gloria’s portfolio of work, there is so much inspiration to be had. Sometimes contemporary can start looking like “cheap modern hotel” but that is in no way the case here. The first picture, yes that is bathroom. Who leeds with a bathroom picture? Rosewood and marble with perfect refined edges and nothing to hide, stunning. There are some appearances of mid century pieces here and there. Read More

Upgrading Modern Architectural Heritage on the French Riviera: Villa Le Trident

architecture villla remodel
One of the few residences built on the French Riviera between 1925 and 1950, Villa Le Trident was initially designed and implemented by American modernist architect Barry Dierks. The project soon became an architecture highlight of the Mediterranean Coast. With the change of ownership in 2011, studio 4a Architekten took on the challenge to restore the residence. The team kept the original volume of the building and its snow-white exterior facade, but gave up most of the internal walls separating the rooms. Space, simplicity, elegance and light are general characteristics of the updated villa.
villla remodel (1)
The ground floor of the residence accommodates the living room, dining room and open-plan kitchen, a library and two guest bedrooms. The four bedrooms with en suite bathrooms are located upstairs. According to the architects in charge of the renovation, long windows, white furniture, white varnished oak solid wood flooring and glass elements give the rooms a bright and peaceful atmosphere. Striking elements dynamically interfere in the design scheme; the focal point of the living room is a suspended black fireplace which adds a highly contemporary touch, while ensuring a powerful contrast with the white window frames. The freestanding wooden cubes bring their contribution both aesthetically and functionally. Enjoy the virtual tour and discover more inspiring details!
villla remodel (2)villla remodel (4)villla remodel (6)villla remodel (8)villla remodel (9)villla remodel (10)villla remodel (11)villla remodel (11,5)villla remodel(13)Read More

Scandinavian Beauty: Exquisite Summer House Epitomizes Minimal Danish Design

A gorgeous home that combines trendy contemporary design influences with timeless Scandinavian elegance and an unassuming charm, the Trend Summer House in Denmark leaves you enchanted. The lovely private residence was designed by Skanlux and its unique exterior and soothing interior combine to showcase a modern Danish delight! The dark exterior of the home stands in vivid contrast to the divine natural landscape that surrounds it and the more cheerful interior clad mostly in neutral hues. With a bold red door, large window frames and a classic silhouette, the residence exudes understated sophistication. Read More


Matt W. Moore S H A D O V V S

S H A D O V V S by Matt W. Moore is a stunning display of dimensional geometric expression. During a 2 month stay in Oakland, CA, and a 2 week residency within 886 Geary Gallery, Moore constructed a new body of work. The exhibition has 5 chapters. The pieces are so beautiful, I like that you can look at them straight away but as soon as you shift your gaze you get a whole other experience with dimension. Both the white and the color chapters have a level of depth that communicates a trick of the eye. Make sure to click over and take a look at the rest of the art, these are only a few of the pieces. Read More

Breathtaking Bachelor Pad: High-End Luxury Envelopes Loft Apartment in Kiev

The design of a lavish bachelor pad throws up design challenges that are distinctly different from those encountered in an opulent family home. Perched atop a brand new skyscraper that is nestled in the heart of Kiev, this sensational loft apartment spread across 155 square meters is truly world class in every sense of the word. Designed by the creative duo of Igor Martin and Olga Novikova from MARTINarchitects, it leaves you speechless with mesmerizing use of contrasting textures a seamless blend of refined contemporary ambience and industrial flair and an ambiance that is absolutely fitting for a spectacular bachelor pad! Read More

Timber Slatted Mezzanine as Highlight for Code Black Cafe in Melbourne

architecture new cafe
Once a mechanics workshop in North Melbourne, Australia, this vibrant venue is currently known as Code Black Cafe, a place encouraging relaxation and interaction. The creative gathering point was envisioned by Australian interiors and architecture firm ZWEI and is described as a home away from home: “The space is a warm tonal interplay of existing spatial elements with natural light and various materials. Howard St encourages customers to sit, stay, play and work within the space by creating a seating zone that wraps around the new centrally positioned double height insertion.”
design new cafe
The purpose of this coffee was to mimic a gathering at a friend’s house. Thus, each corner was designed to inspire comfort and an to invite people to unwind: “While the coffee machine is located front and center, seating nooks tuck around the counter line, even exposing the rear roaster to those positioned deep into the space – a subtle reference to the more serious and coffee centric Code Black in Brunswick. Seating is intentionally wide and comfortable with a focal round dining table generously positioned to the front.” The timber slatted mezzanine caps is the highlight of the entire space, opening up the upstairs area as a long stay work zone. [Photography by Michael Kai]
new cafe (1)new cafe (4)new cafe (5)new cafe (6)new cafe (7)new cafe (8)Read More

50 Eclectic Living Rooms for a Delightfully Creative Home

The misconception among many homeowners is that by not committing to any particular style and by randomly putting together your favorite pieces of decor one can create an eclectic living space. This could not be more far off from the truth as eclectic style demands as much, if not a lot more, discipline than any other decorating style around. Sure, it throws convention out of the window, mixes contrasting hues, styles, textures and even eras together in a charming and cheerful setting, but it still needs to be carefully curated. That is the mantra; with an eclectic living room, you are showcasing your effervescent and unique personality in a ‘curated’ fashion. Read More