Black and White Apartment by Kasia Orwat

KASIA ORWAT have designed the interiors of an apartment, located in Poznan, Poland.
Black and white – two distant poles, two extreme opposites. As the two zones in which this studio in Poznan is organized – black and white. The coherence of this project seems to deny the contrast it is based on. But this is not only an aesthetic procedure, the strong distinction is primarily due to the carefully thought space functionality. Read More

Tranquil Treehouse Cabin In Canada Offers A Getaway Concealed By Nature!

How would you like your own treehouse in the woods that offers some of the best possible views and is hidden away from any prying eyes? Former software professional and architect Joel Allen built the Hemloft right under some of the most expensive mountain homes in all of Canada. Located in the backwoods of Whistler, British Columbia this egg-shaped delight soon became a perfect refuge for a man who wanted to find retirement while in his mid 20s! Crafted completely by hand and sporting an entryway that does look amazing, it truly is an ‘escape’ in every sense of the word. Read More

Adventures in Interior Design: Inside Karim Rashid’s Magical, Hot Pink ‘Sparkle Krib’

Friday, April 18, 2014, by Amy Schellenbaum

Give designer Karim Rashid pretty much anything—a condo tower, a food court, a record album, a Twitter account—and he’ll be sure to make it fruit-punch colored and amorphous, the princess castle of your dreams set in the year 2514. Give Rashid an unlimited amount of acrylic stone, a material called HI-MACS that Architizer describes as “an architect’s Play-Doh,” and he’ll churn out a Sparkle Collection full of colors like Kandy Pink, Kanada Violet, and Kold Silver. He’ll then design an angle-less bachelor pad—sorry, “Sparkle Krib”—where, in the words of the ever-enlightening designer, an “amorphous solid-surface landscape” builds “a world with no boundaries.” For Milan’s annual Salone del Mobile—the “global benchmark for the Home Furnishing Sector,” don’t you know—Rashid built liquidy monuments for beds, sofas, coffee tables, and sinks—each one as undulating and, um, kandy-kolored as the last. Read More

Cake in A Can by The Food Ministry

Sometimes I found and instantly fall in love with the concept, packaging and design. This Cake In A Can from The Food Ministry made in Britain but ship everywhere… what a charming birthday treat! How awesome would it be to serve these at a party?! You can buy them here! Read More

Vision of a Dream Home: Xalima Island House by Martin Ferrero Architecture

architecture design Xlima Residence Vision of a Dream Home: Xalima Island House by Martin Ferrero ArchitectureEveryone has an idea of how their perfect house would one day look like. Daniel Martin Ferrero, principal of Martin Ferrero Architecture took his vision to another level and planned Xalima Island House, as “as a poem to the horizon framed by the sea”. The video below transports you to a faraway land, bathed in sun rays and mist, where modern architecture details mix with a fascinating rocky landscape. Read More

Living a more minimal lifestyle

Christina and Takaaki left Brooklyn for a more minimal lifestyle. They found and renovated an older home in Putnam Valley, NY. What they did with the home is pretty amazing. I am captivated by the truss work, it feels as thought the trusses are holding together the roof line. Takaaki fashioned some of the features to echo the ancient dwellings of rural Japan, 17th century, and his home as a child. The juxtaposition of the exterior and the interiors are beautiful and at the same time, linked by color. Read More

Computer Projects: China’s foray into 3D printing was…

Screen%20Shot%202014-04-18%20at%2010.52.30%20AM.pngChina’s foray into 3D printing was appropriately over the top and China-like, thanks to an industrious Suzhou, China-based construction firm who built not one, but ten 3D printed homes over the course of just 24 hours. Made from a combination of cement and glass fibers, each substantial home is 22 feet tall, and about 32 feet wide. Take a look, this way. [WSJ via Arch Daily] Read More

Bright And Beautiful Urban Renovation Unites Two Apartments Into One

Stylish modern renovations often throw up the most ingenious design solutions as they have to work around existing restrictions. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown district, the Abbott Street Renovation is one such project that aims to give a young family additional living space. Combining two existing apartments to create one large home, Splyce Design used elevated tile floors and a creative floor plan to give the new and larger apartment a fresh and cozy appeal. Read More