Enthralling Private Residence In Phuket Combines Serenity With Scenic Sea Views

The province of Phuket in Thailand is renowned across the globe for some stunning tropical retreats that transport you into a completely different dimension. Bringing together, sun, sand and contemporary luxury, the region is home to some of the best luxury hotels and spas on the planet. Located in a secluded little pocket of Phuket and away from the tourist rush is the stunning Serenity House that is true to its name. Offering unabated views of the distant sea and perched atop a sloping mountain, the posh contemporary house makes the very best of the unique topography of the site it sits on. Read More

Trendy Decor From Philippe Starck Steals The Show With Playful Spunk

The name Philippe Starck is something that even the most casual design aficionado is familiar with. We stumble across many of his creations on a daily basis as we look at design inspiration from across the globe and constantly marvel at the brilliance of this tireless French master! Having already showcased some of his more famous creations like the trendy Masters chair, the chic Mademoiselle Chair and the Louis Ghost Chair, today we look at some of the colorful and playful furnishings crafted by Starck. Read More

Big Happenings: Danish starchitect Bjarke Ingels, designer of…

Wednesday, August 20, 2014, by Amy Schellenbaum

Mid century in Mexico City – NOWNESS

Mid century in Mexico City, where Fernando Romero was kind enough to share his amazing home with the life style magazine NOWNESS. “Designed in 1955 by homegrown architect Francisco Artigas, the house is located in the leafy suburbs of Mexico City, adjacent to one of largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere”. This is the first time that Fernando has let anyone inside his home and I must say “THANK YOU”. The home is picture perfect in my mind when I think of the highest level of design for mid century architecture. I love the steel and glass structures of this time period. If you are not familiar with NOWNESS, take the time today and watch some of the beautiful documentaries/short stories that can be found there. Read More

Villa Horizon: A Contemporary and Luxurious Rental Villa

Villa Horizon is a contemporary and luxurious rental villa on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Curaçao. The villa is designed by the well known Dutch designer Jean Marc des Bouvrie and is a true eye catcher on the island and one of a kind .Feel the warm tropical atmosphere of Curaçao and enjoy the spectacular view with a refreshing drink in your hand. And on the background the soothing sounds of your favorite lounge cd. Read More